Ecosystem for organizing
events at every stage
selling tickets, promoting events, contacting event participants.
70% of users learn about events on the Internet
Events of different directions are already
in our service
take place every week
Event participants are waiting for your content
Your events will be in the spotlight
Recommendation system shows your events to your target audience
Call-center helps to increase the ticket purchase conversion
Push-notification system fuels interest in your events
Your events will get into the weekly email-list with
a selection of events
Advertising on the main page of the public catalog
Advertising in the mobile application
Promoting events on social networks
Contextual advertising customization
E-mailing on behalf of the organizer
Promote your events online
Take care of your event participants
Create event schedule
Send push-notifications
Be always online
Get feedback
Participants of the event will be able to follow it in the mobile app,
and you will save on printing
Communicate with event participantsin chats, help them
organize networking
Collect feedback about your
event using the built-in polls
Just in 9 minutes you can customize the process of ticket sales
Create your own page and
add an event
Start selling different types of tickets, including promotional codes and referral programs
Analyze sales results with tracking and analytics systems
We take on SEO-optimization
Tickets with a unique design will increase the visibility
of your organization
Conduct a full analysis of sales, finance and
customer base
Caring for security and data storage
Safe data storage and privacy of customer and payment information
Payment protection under European protocols and timely deposit of funds
Unique QR codes for each ticket will provide protection against fakes
Terms of our partnership
The fee is reduced to 2% for using the service
Simple withdrawal of funds within 3 business days
Free event hosting with free admission
Personal support at all stages
of cooperation
Loyalty programs for
regular partners
Free mobile app for
event participants
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